A home inspection is a comprehensive, performance based, visual evaluation of the major components and systems within a home. It includes examination and testing of the following components and where possible their operating controls:


Electrical Systems
Heating & Cooling Systems (HVAC)
Plumbing and Fixture

One of the primary goals of any home inspection is to give the client (you) not only some insight into the current condition of these systems and components, but to also help you better understand any issues or significant deficiencies that exist, and the likelihood of major component failure in the near future. At the same time the inspection has the added benefit of allowing us to identify some areas where improvements, although discretionary, may be made to the home to protect your investment.

While it is not a necessity to have you attend the inspection, making the process interactive by having you participate as the inspection is performed allows us to point out on the spot, and explain any significant issues that appear. By the end of the inspection and the verbal summary, there should be no surprises awaiting you when you receive your written report the next day.

A typical inspection involves between 1.5 and 2.5 hours on site to complete the evaluation, physically point out anything of significance, and give a verbal summary of the findings. This is followed up the next day with a written report that can be received by e-mail, typically within 24 hours of completion of the inspection tour.

As either a buyer or seller, the insight provided by an inspection can be a valuable tool in any real estate transaction.

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