The Report

Generally, the final report is available within 24 hours of completion of the inspection tour, and can be accessed via Email link sent to you. The computerized reporting system used provides information in an organized and easy reading format.

The detail section of the report contains photographs where appropriate, and coloured illustrations and text to assist in understanding the condition, it’s implications, and recommended actions. There are also links embedded in the electronic version of the report that will direct you to supplementary information on specific topics, reference library links, and a link to ballpark costs for a variety of home repairs and improvements.

In addition to the detailed sections, the report contains an executive summary that gives a narrative of our findings and specifically lists anything considered significantly deficient, or in need of attention.

We make our reports available by sending you a link to our web server where you can access the report, read it online or download it as a pdf file and save it to your computer. It also allows us to send copies or summarized copies to anyone else that you may instruct us to. The file is available indefinitely on the server, and as a backup, we keep a copy in our local files as well.